What does the surgery involve?

To achieve a more defined face, there is the so-called buccal fat removal or buccal fat pad reduction, a surgical procedure that consists of removing the Bichat’s fat pads. The operation is permanent and lasts about half an hour on average. The Bichat’s fat pads are not part of the fat that is metabolized according to diet and physical exercise, they are anatomical structures with a specific size and location, and once removed, there is no opportunity for them to develop again, as the fascicle has been removed.


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Am I a candidate for this surgery?

It is not a recommended technique for all faces, as in some cases, cheek thinning can result in a more skeletal appearance. Similarly, in overweight patients, it may not be possible to determine if the buccal fat pad is actually causing the face to appear fuller, and in any case, the results may not be visible or satisfactory.

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