What does the surgery involve?

Gynecomastia surgery aims to restore a man’s breast to its normal size, and involves removing the mammary gland through a small incision at the level of the areola in cases where the patient has glandular pathology. If the excess size is due to fat accumulation in the area, liposuction is the technique that should be used. It is common for a combination of both techniques to be used in many cases to achieve a more athletic result. The Gynecomastia procedure, depending on the degree of volume and size, can be performed by liposuction through a small incision in the armpit or in larger cases with incisions in the areola and lower skin.


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Am I a candidate for this surgery?

Gynecomastia is ideal for men who suffer from pathologically enlarged mammary glands, making their breasts appear much larger and even saggy.

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